Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You might be attached to a chef if...

You might be attached to a chef if...

... there are more pictures of food on your computer than your children

...chef coats and pants is the first thing you look for when birthday shopping and Christmas shopping

...instead of giving your chef a glass of water at home you hand them a pitcher

...the plates you use at home came from a restaurant (they were given to us when T.G.I.Fridays changed their plate design)

...You have a framed print hanging in your house of peppers, chef, cafes or tomatoes

...when you buy a car you have to consider if a cambro can fit in the trunk find substitutions for everything (out of sugar for your coffee? Use the red sugar that you decorate cookies with. What's wrong with pink coffee?!?!?!) can't cook in the kitchen together because you 120lb chef needs a 6 foot radius of space to work in.'ve eaten things that would never enter your vocabulary escargot, chicken livers?! know when your chef wants you to taste something, it's probably hot enough to burn your lips off. know the food trends of this coming season simply because you are your chef's research assistant
  (locally grown, gluten free, grass fed, foraged herbs and mushrooms, sustainable) have more cookbooks in your home than your favorite online retailer.

...your chef has made you record every cookbook that is borrowed from your home. have your own chef coat/pants/clogs/apron and hat use monogrammed knives in your kitchen

...there are food magazines in your bathroom for reading material place bets on who will win competitive chef shows and you are usually the winner (it's a rerun and you've seen it 5 times)

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  1. I found this post a few days ago and seriously can not stop laughing! The pitcher of water, the amount of cookbooks, the million food pictures on the computer. . . I can relate! Thanks for the laugh!