Sunday, July 29, 2012

Paula Deen, My 5 1/2 Year Old's Girlfriend

Okay here's the interesting thing about being the wife of a chef.  My oldest of two boys LOVES Paula Deen. So much that one day out of the blue he told my mother that Paula Deen is his girlfriend. So he started watching our Paula Deen dvd's as she is one of my personal favorite chefs.  Then he wanted to make her recipes.  This infatuation continued with me going to the library and requesting Paula Deen videos from other libraries. You have never seen a kid scream like my boy when one of her shows come on my parent's t.v. He can even imitate the way she says tomato pie. This is no word of a lie or exaggeration!  Mother's Day this year was celebrated with cake and coffee. The cake my mother brought over was none other than Paula Deen's Hummingbird Cake from the local grocery store.  When cutting into it my son noticed Paula Deen's face on the packaging and pronounced that Paula Deen had made the cake just for him.  After our Mother's Days gifts were exchanged he began to make a card for her.  Try finding an address that you hope would get to a celebrity chef. If any of you know one PLEASE let me know. His love and loyalty continues when occasionally we can find an episode of Paula's Party. Most recently at dinner one time my husband and I were discussing Anthony Bourdain's bashing of Paula Deen and how it didn't surprise us that he would say such a thing and my son... groans loudly and says "Paula Deen is going to be mad at me"  Needless to say all conversation at the dinner table stopped at we looked at our son with confused faces and asked, "Why?"  To which he responds " I didn't send her a Mother's Day card."  Try being a parent and holding it together without cracking up in a moment like this.  So I am holding on to a Mother's Day card for Paula Deen with mom's son's favorite character that he loves to draw on it, a hairy alien.  Sebastian has been cooking with his chef daddy since he was two. Obviously small tasks that are age appropriate but this boy has decided he wants to be a baker when he grows up. The apple does not fall far from the apple pie.  

Okay today is 8/23/2012 and Seb starts Kindergarten this coming Tuesday. He has informed me he wants to make Paula Deen's Stick to the Roof of Your Mouth Cookies for his class. He also told me on the way home that we should probably go visit Paula Deen because he is SURE that she misses him.  This is when it gets hard.

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