Sunday, September 30, 2012

How Being Married to a Chef Has Changed My Life

Being married to a chef can being trying but rewarding too.  Results may vary and like the success of a past teacher you don't always see the results till years later.

1.  Your hobbies seem to produce more. I have knitted three cable knit hats in about a week.  It's that speed factor.

2. Your to-do lists resemble prep lists. Things you need to do now, things you need to pull for tomorrow (kids clothes) and the things you need to get ready for next week. I also have knit two dish washing cloths (they last longer than sponges!!)

3.  When you have guests over they seem to always have a full glass in front of them.

4. On the same vein you probably have a dishtowel tucked into your back pocket wiping end tables as you replace said drink with a full one.

5.  Your laundry can consist of one load of dishcloths. Think of all the trees you're saving.

6.  If you weren't a complete OCD neat freak you probably have started becoming one.

7.  You can look at a recipe and change it to your liking with confidence.

8.  You are no longer intimidated by the chefs on food network.

9. Your children are trained at a very young age to help prepare dinner so that you are not left to do it by yourself. They also can help clear the table at three or four years old. 

10.  Your table linen collection is the envied by all.

11.  You probably have plates for each season of the year.

12.  Your fridge rarely has nasty food in it because of "first in/first out"

13.  Your kitchen gadgets can sometimes serve as decorations too. The wooden big spoon and fork you use to serve out of the giant salad bowl. (Remember that episode from Everyone Loves Raymond when Marie took them down off the wall?! )

14.  You are the only person among your friends that owns a plug in coffee urn that hold about 5 gallons of coffee. Your friends make reservations to borrow it all the time :) (Check out All-You magazine and they will recommend that you rent it out to make a little $)

15.  You don't have to buy those expensive croutons you've been craving because you know how to make them with that leftover bagel.

16.  You always know where your Tupperware lids are because you never keep a container unless it has one.

17.  You probably own a pair or two of Danskos and would never have considered it before you married your chef. Your feet have thanked you ever since.

18.  You can push yourself beyond what you thought was your limits and realize that you can do so much more. That's a great feeling of accomplishment.


  1. All so true! I love this list, it had me in a fit of laughter because of how much it applies haha. Keep up the good work, Nina.

  2. Thank you so much. I'm really enjoying it so much more than I realized I would. Enjoy!

  3. Hi! Any danskos to recommend? My bf's a chef and its pretty humid here in singapore.. hopefully something not to heavy? And stylish? thee