Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where does bacon come from?

    My son, ever the curious one asked my mother the other day, "Where does bacon come from?" So she was very short, sweet and honest. Sebastian asked if they put the pig back when they were done. My mother answered no.  My son then decided he didn't want to finish his bacon, but will very happily finish his pancakes. After receiving the call from my mom letting me know about the conversation and how she handled it, I thought, "Oh boy here we go".
     After coming home I had a little conversation with Sebastian and asked him if he wasn't going to eat bacon anymore. He replied with, "Yeah I'll still eat it but just don't tell me they kill pigs because then I'll think everyone dies." Okay, fair enough for a soon to be six year old I'll leave it at that.
     That should have been the end of that but now every time we have dinner he asks what meat we are having or what animal it came from.  This weekend we will attend one of the many fairs that happen in the fall. I wonder what he will ask when we visit the livestock barns.

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