Thursday, October 4, 2012

Food Storage Containers

     It's amazing how territorial we can be when it comes to our Tupperware.  Any mom can recognize a quality piece of food storage a mile away.  I'm sorry I buy the Hillshire Farm cold cuts for the container.  It's true. If I'm going to lose a container I'd rather it be the one I shelled $2.00 out for and not the $10 Tupperware container that turns colors when the food has reached the appropriate temperature. I'm not sure if they exist but I think I might Google the patent office after this post.  Containers though, have come a LONG way. I definitely have my favorites and become unreasonably irate when one is lost, broken or melted.  If it weren't for environmental issues I think I'd create a graveyard to those friends lost forever. Ahhh just like the crayola crayon maker we can invent the Tupperware Tupperware maker, you can take your old ruined friends and create new ones.
     This post is just making me look unstable.  I did the other day pick up a great little container for $4 at Marshall's. It holds a sandwich on one side then has a flap that goes over the second part for snacks and locks altogether. I begrudgingly send Gabriel to daycare with it.
     Don't become tempted by those containers that are cute and look like classic products you purchased in the past. They are the first to die.  Unfortunately if you want good food storage containers you've got to pay for quality.  If you are married to a chef you might receive food from friends in a 5-er.  Those who cook know what I'm talking about.

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