Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday list, knives, wrapping paper, cake

     Yes, I have been married to my chef for 7 years now and I didn't think this birthday would be much different from the others.  I had my list but this year I thought I would get him some knives. After some innocent information seeking questions I knew they had to be German or atleast nearly German made, no santuko knives and was hoping for a 10" forged chef knife. Good questions hu?!
     So while shopping I filled my cart with the normal birthday related, cake, candles, wrapping paper, ribbon, two Kuhn Rikon knives and a 8" Forged steel chef knife. It didn't seem odd to me at all since my husband is a chef and he needs knives for his profession. Well after unloading at the checkout, I noticed that the cashier gave me an awkward smile and the customers behind me turned white.  I smiled but again, didn't think anything of it. Oh, I also had my two sons with me.
     While driving home I was really thinking about why people gave me such strange looks while cashing out and it dawned on me. Oh my Julia Child!!! They must think I'm a murderer or something.  Now the amusing part about all of this is that we don't buy adult cakes for each other on our birthdays. We like to buy kiddie style cakes if we don't make it ourselves.  So of course this cake was all colors of the rainbow and one of the cards my boys insisted on was meant for a child with a big hippo on it, but hey they wanted it for daddy. If it had been near Halloween I guess it would not have looked strange but I laugh to think about all of the things that were racing through these customers' heads.
     Needless to say Eric couldn't stop cracking up when I had told him all about this after he opened his presents.  His remark well..."I would expect no less from a distant relative of Lizzie Borden." Thanks honey, love you too!

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