Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kids of Chefs, A Rare Breed

When a chef procreates a strange things happens.  Kids like no other are born.
For those you have kids are plan on it, do not be surprised if you see the following.

Your child's firsts will include My First Cookbook

Your children ask for the specials before a server can give them at a restaurant.

The lists to Santa include Paula Deen dvds and a spatula.

Their favorite shoes are clogs.

When ordering out not only do they tell you what they want to order, they also tell you where to order it from.

At Halloween your child wants to be the sun. So you make a costume out of a pizza box and everyone says he looks like the kid from a breakfast sausage commercial. Guess which one....

Your cookware and flatware disappears only to be found on the cook top of your children's play kitchen.

While other kids are making sand castles your children are making mud pies and dirt soup.

Your kids beg for chive eggs for breakfast.

They expect dessert EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

When you visit your chef's restaurant they think EVERYONE works for their mommy/daddy even the owner.

Having "restaurant hands" is seen as a strange right of passage.


  1. My daughter Barbara went out to dinner before she could walk and knew about "Restaurant manners" before she knew manners. It always frustrates me to have a screaming child in a restaurant... take that good food out of their mouth and pull them out of there. They'll stop screaming if they want food - and boy, they want food.

  2. That is always a tough one! Sebastian was the angel child in restaurants he smiled, cooed and knew how to sucker an extra cup of chocolate milk from our servers. Gabriel on the other hand is a holy terror. I think what cracks me up is at home it's a role reversal. I has become such a challenge taking them out I had to stop for awhile.