Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Little Chef

     My oldest son has been cooking with my husband since he was 2.  His tasks varied from mixing dough to forming cookie balls.  He even has his own child-safe knife.  His expectations of cooking and food in general has become highly developed. In our house we call it picky.  When he was younger, he didn't like hot dogs or peanut butter. Even today it's got to be Nutella.

     Oatmeal in our house contains more ingredients than full English break.  In our house this is your typical morning oatmeal.

Whole Wheat Oats
Cocoa Powder
Various Sprinkles ( all of the ones you couldn't use up on ice cream night)

Directions as dictated by my 5 1/2 year old
You take a tablespoon of butter and melt it with some cinnamon and sugar.
Then toast the oats with the butter for flavor
Add a tablespoon of chocolate powder. Then slowly add water a bit at a time till it looks good.
After you put a lot in your bowl put sprinkles on it. I like the dinosaur ones.

Note: He puts a lot in his bowl and only a bit in his brother's. He then makes sure he has staked his claim on whatever is left over in the pot.

Our little chef just received his own baker's hat from my parents from their recent trip to Nantucket.  So when we got home, while getting ready for bed, my skinny little chef was running around the house in his underwear with his baker hat on his head.  At first he wanted to wear the hat to bed and I said sure.  He then thought better of it and folded it carefully deciding he didn't want to ruin it.

Since starting this entry, we have now started getting his own utensils for cooking. Our younger son has now acquired the same desire for cooking. His version of soup for daddy the other night is as follows:

Beach bucket
Mini carrots
Salt and pepper
Brown sugar

Mix all together, enjoy!

I love the phrase, "When a child hands you a toy phone, you answer it!"

"When a child cooks for you, You eat it!! "

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